• 40 years Celebration

    Celebration of 40 years of training at the Xuan Hoa.

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  • Gravitational waves

    Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein's Prediction

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  • Law of hierarchy

    Why do stars and planets come in different sizes?

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  • Water-rich atmosphere planet

    Venus-like Exoplanet Might Have Oxygen Atmosphere, But Not Life

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Welcome to Faculty of Physics HPU2

The Faculty of Physics offers studies in a wide range of fields leading to Baccalaureate and Doctoral degrees. The Faculty has programs of study and research in theoretical and experimental physics. The specific interests of the faculty members fall into several areas of research which are detailed on the Faculty’s Research Web-page.


The Faculty of Physics was established on October 11, 1975. The task of the faculty is training bachelors in Physics Pedagogy, Pedagogy of Engineering, Bachelor of Physics and 3 majors of postgraduate training: Physics’ Theory and Teaching Methodology, Solid-state Physics, Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics and a PhD training program of Theoretical Physics as well.

News & Announcements

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The seminar on “2017 Nobel prize in Physics: Gravitational Waves” and Nuclear Physics.

On 15 and 19 January, lectures and undergraduate, master and PhD students of our Physics faculty have the honour to welcome Mr. Joseph Indekeu. read more>>

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Creative activity experience of the Faculty of Physics Students

In the heat of the first days of summer 2016, from 15 to dated 18/4/2016, Faculty of Physics has organized field trips for students in the Vinh’s Meteorological stations, help students practical approach read more>>

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Celebration of 40 years of training at the Xuan Hoa.

In recognition of the Faculty of Physic’s founding in 1975, the Faculty of Physic celebrated 40 Years of Inquiry and Impact in 2015. The anniversary was an opportunity to reflect on our history read more>>



The 19th National Physics Olympiad for Students in 2016 read more>>


Stephen W. Hawking, "Quantum Black Holes"read more>>


Contact Us

Contact Information:
Faculty of physics Hanoi University of Education
32 Nguyen Van Linh St., Phuc Yen Dist., Vinh Phuc, Vietnam
Phone: (84 211) 3 86 32 01
Fax: (84 211) 3 86 32 01
Email: khoavatly.sp2@moet.edu.vn