by KVL
The seminar on “2017 Nobel prize in Physics: Gravitational Waves” and Nuclear Physics

          On 15 and 19 January, lectures and undergraduate, master and PhD students of our Physics faculty have the honour to welcome Mr. Joseph Indekeu.
          Firstly, Mr. Joseph had a lecture on 15 January relating to the Nobel Prize in physics about discovery of gravitational waves. By studying the precise “sound” of a gravitational wave, it is possible to reconstruct the event that created it. They offer a unique window on the universe, allowing us to probe black holes and other extreme objects.
          On 18 January, Mr. Joseph also prepared a special seminar about two nuclear Physics chapter for us – second year student who are learning to teach Physic by English in the future.
          Mr. Joseph is an admired teacher who have interesting and different way of teaching. He has the talent of making his lesson attractive to students and he also a great sense of humor.
           After only two lessons, we have already have good feeling for him and we are really looking forward to have another opportunities to learn from such great teacher like Mr. Joseph Indekeu.


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