by KVL
Two-year-old birthday in Moc Chau
          Last weekend,  our English for Physics club had a two-day journey to experience in Moc Chau together. At 5am, our club departed from Xuan Hoa to Moc Chau which took place in the cold weather, but did it not reduce the enthusiasm and excitement of the members. The first stop of the club is the Ban Ang pine forest with soaring green pine forest on the ridge of red feralit hills that created beautiful wilderness of the plateau. We strolled along the lake, explored the pine forest, and some couples even rent bicycles for strolling around, watched the sunset or rent duck boats to the lake to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains. Only 500m from the pine forest, the greenhouse and strawberries of Chimi’s farm have created an interesting experience for this trip. The red berries are carefully taken care of, brought the sweet smell of sweet and sour taste. We visited Chimi at the right time so we had the opportunity to pick and enjoy the cool strawberry frappe.
         After stopping to visit the pine forest, the rest stop at the homestay, with the style of homestay are designed as stilt house (a type of traditional house of Thai ethnic group) but very comfortable, where full of modern sanitary equipment, blankets, cushions, fans … to explore the interesting culture in Moc Chau.
          When the night fell, the cold northwest air with the barbecue was a feeling that we have never been experienced. In the bizarre lighting of the party, people enjoyed the taste of the north-western cuisine together, congratulated the two-year-old birthday, summarized the activities of this year and welcomed the new members.
          The next day, we went on our way to see the innumerable green tea hills. The hill is so poetic and charming, the fragrance from the green teapot maked everyone here feel loved, impressed and prouded of this beautiful highland. Heart-shaped tea hills have become attractive tourist attractions, especially young people. In the colorful costumes of the Thai people, the members immersed themselves with the rhythm of the people here, enjoyed the view and the cup of warm tea in the cold weather. A little more, we were fascinated by the beauty of Ha Giang in particular – the garden of triangles with the white color of the small charming flowers has attracted all visitors to look and see directly right on this plateau. Returned after a factful trip, we – members of the English for Physics club – is tired but in each members had a nostalgically feeling after a meaningful trip in Moc Chau.
Ngoc Anh

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